Private Sector

The Private sector is vast and opportunities are many. Interpretation & Translation in this sector demands the highest quality of professional work available. It is face paced and deadlines have to be met. Owing to our work culture, we ensure that all projects are handled by experienced specialists for maximum results.


Expanding overseas is the dream for every business. Unfortunately, they may not speak your language at all. This is where translators play a major role. Our specialists can help you adjust to the new place, it’s people and culture.


Who does not want to travel the world? Since time immemorial, translators have been needed to help travelers adjust to their surroundings. From bargaining at shops to storytelling of historic monuments. They have done it all. With our pool of over 13000 specialists, you are certain that irrespective of wherever you travel, your native tongue will be understood.


Engineering is a vast field where translation is required extensively. Technical documents need clear and precise translations. The need for accurate translators in the engineering field cannot be stressed enough From Technical drawings to technical reports.

Science and Technology

Scientific breakthroughs can come from anywhere in the world. Language becomes a barrier when it comes to the sharing of documents and reports. It is crucial that information be shared almost immediately with teams around the world. This is where translators play a vital role. Translation of scientific data is of the utmost importance. There can be no margin for error.


Pharmaceutical translation is a very delicate progress. The implications of one error can be catastrophic. Translations services are essential when registering products overseas. Patient information leaflets/brochures, product labelling and legal contracts are just a small part that translators play in this industry.


Finance can be tricky, more so when in another language. Translation of legal documents are of the utmost importance. We understand the need for discretion when it comes to these sensitive documents. Our aim is to ensure translation of 100% in order to avoid legal repercussions.

Information Technology

The IT sector is booming and with it comes the need for technical translation requirements. Training manuals & user guides play a major role in this sector. Without them, handling of products become a risk. Clear cut translations are required to avoid issues.

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